Sharks 2005 (post NHL-CBA ratification) Contract Status and Player Movement

2004 transactions

Date Player Info Contract type/comment
7/28/05 Steve Bernier, Joshua Hennessy, Patrick Ehlechner Sharks announcement Entry contracts signed
7/31 Forwards Matt Carkner, Ryane Clowe, Niko Dimitrakos, Nils Ekman, Alex Korloyuk, Patrick Marleau, Scott Parker, Wayne Primeau and Marco Sturm.

Defensemen Rob Davison, Jim Fahey, Doug Murray, Tom Preissing, Garrett Stafford and Brad Stuart.

Goaltender Nolan Schaefer
Sharks announcement Qualifying offers made
8/1 Rob Davison, Jim Fahey Are listed by the NHLPA as under contract.
8/2 Mike Rathje Signs with the Philadelphia Flyers, five year contract.
8/4 Nils Ekman Swedish report he's agreed to contract. (link and a translation)
8/4 Scott Niedermayer Big rumor and hype ends without adding to the Sharks.
8/5 Wayne Primeau Assumed that "Preams" did opt to declare for Group V free agency (as story broke 8/11 that Rangers offered $1.1m contract, which was matched by Sharks).
8/8 Miroslav Zalesak Czech report he's signed with the Washington Capitals (link, traslation) And later announced by Caps, etc.
8/8 Rob Davison, Jim Fahey Sharks announcement Sharks announce signing. TSN says one year each.
8/9 Nils Ekman Shaks announcement Sharks announce signing (two year contract).
8/9 Tom Preissing, Wayne Primeau Are listed by the NHLPA as under contract.
8/10 Tom Preissing, Wayne Primeau Sharks announcement Sharks announce signings (two year contracts each).
8/10 Niko Dimitrakos Listed by NHLPA as under contract
8/10 Alexander Korolyuk Reports out of Russia indicate he was not happy with $1.1m offer (but I'm trusting translated reports).
8/11 Niko Dimitrakos Sharks announcement Sharks announce signing. TSN says two year term.
8/11 Kyle McLaren Sharks announcement Sharks announce signing of three year extension (beyond 05-06).
8/11 Alexander Korolyuk Sharks announcement Sharks take Korolyuk to arbitration (so he can get all $$ due him); now he needs to decide whether to play in Russia or NHL. (SJMerc story 8/12 seems to indicate he hasn't talked with agent in a while.)
8/12 Mike Hoffman Signs with Toronto Maple Leafs (one year ELS).
8/15 Patrick Marleau, Marco Sturm Sharks announcement Sharks announce "multi-year" deals for Patty and Marco. Apparently Marleau re-signed for three, Sturm, two.
8/15 Scott Parker Sharks announcement Sharks announce one year deal.
8/15 Brad Stuart Sharks announcement Sharks announce two year deal.
8/15 Matt Carkner, Doug Murray, Josh Prudden, Nolan Schaefer, Garrett Stafford Sharks announcement Sharks announce re-signings.
8/21 Tom Cavanagh Listed in rookie tourney roster (on Barons site).
8/24 Tom Cavanagh Sharks announcement. Saw an article based on a press release about two hours before I saw it on the Sharks' site.
8/25 Alexander Korolyuk Elects to stay in Russia (for at least 05-06). Arbitration rescheduled for 8/26; if he returns to the NHL, Sharks will have his rights for one more season at arbitrated award.
8/30 Alexander Korolyuk Sharks announcement $1.2m one year arbitration award announced. Korolyuk must fulfill the contract before he can become a NHL UFA.
9/6 Patrick Rissmiller, Ryane Clowe, Jonathan Tremblay Sharks announcement Rissmiller signed for one year; Clowe and Tremblay signed for three.
9/7 Aaron Gill Signs with ECHL Trenton
9/12 Josh Langfeld Sharks announcement Sharks sign UFA to a one year contract
9/19 Lukas Kaspar, Brad Staubitz Sharks announcement 2004 first round draft pick and free agent defenseman, respectively, sign three year contracts.
9/19 Scott Ford Sharks announcement Released from try out.
9/19 Michael Vernace Sharks announcement Returned to OHL
9/19 Evan Haw Sharks announcement Tryout player assigned to WHL
9/19 Riley Armstrong, Shane Joseph Sharks announcement Assigned to Cleveland
9/19 Ray DiLauro, Mike Iggulden Sharks announcement Tryout players assigned to Cleveland
9/22 Tom Cavanagh, Tim Conboy, Glenn Olson, Josh Prudden, Patrick Rissmiller, Brad Staubitz, Jonathan Tremblay, Craig Valette Sharks announcement Assigned to Cleveland
9/23 Devin Setoguchi Sharks announcement Returned to WHL
9/23 Grant Stevenson, Garrett Stafford, Jamie Holden Sharks announcement Assigned to Cleveland
9/25 Tomas Plihal, Dimitri Patzold, Josh Hennessy Sharks announcement Assigned to Cleveland
9/27 Lukas Kaspar, Doug Murray Sharks announcement Assigned to Cleveland
9/29 Nolan Schaefer, Matt Carkner, Steve Bernier Sharks announcement Assigned to Cleveland
10/3 Scott Parker Starts the season on the IR
10/3 15 players Barons announcement Released from AHL camp (as I didn't have a roster to start with, hard to know exactly who's left).
10/5 Jamie Holden Barons assign to ECHL Fresno (still haven't seen him signed beyond TO). 11/1: Saw transaction on AHL page that he signed AHL SPC on 10/5.
10/5 Rob DiLauro AHL transactions indicate he signed AHL SPC.
10/6 Ed Campbell Barons announcement Barons sign 10-year veteran D man.
10/11 Josh Gorges Assigned to Cleveland
10/15 Jonathan Tremblay Assigned to ECHL Toledo
10/17 Jonathan Tremblay Recalled to Cleveland from ECHL Toledo
10/22 Nolan Schaefer Recalled from Cleveland to San Jose
10/22 Chad Mehlenbacher Barons sign PTO goalie
10/23 Chad Mehlenbacher Released from PTO
10/23 Jamie Holden Recalled to Cleveland from ECHL Fresno
10/24 Jonathan Tremblay Assigned to ECHL Toledo
10/27 Evgeni Nabokov Put on IR, retroactive to 10/21
10/27 Dimitri Patzold Recalled from Cleveland
10/27 Joel Martin Recalled from UHL to Cleveland; signed PTO
10/31 Jonathan Tremblay Recalled to Cleveland from ECHL Toledo
11/3 Vesa Toskala Put on the IR (retroactive to 10/26)
11/3 Steve Bernier Called up to SJ
11/4 Dimitri Patzold Returned to Cleveland
11/4 Vesa Toskala Activated off IR
11/5 Joel Martin Released from Barons PTO
11/5 Jeff Lang Barons sign to PTO
11/7 Jeff Lang Barons release from PTO
11/8 Scott Thornton Put on IR, retroactive to 10/30
11/8 Evgeni Nabokov Activated off IR
11/16 Vesa Toskala Put on the IR (retroactive to 11/12)
11/16 Scott Thornton Activated off IR
11/20 Steve Bernier, Ryane Clowe Assigned to Cleveland
11/22 Jonathan Tremblay Assigned to Kalmazoo Wings (UHL)
11/22 Glenn Olson Assigned to ECHL Fresno.
11/30 Wayne Primeanu, Brad Stuart, Marco Sturm Sharks announcement Sharks trade three players to Boston Bruins for Joe Thornton.
12/1 Vesa Toskala Sharks announcement Sent down (from IR) to Cleveland on conditioning assignment.
12/1 Doug Murray Sharks announcement Recalled from Cleveland (essentially a replacement for Stuart, at least temporarily).
12/3 Ryane Clowe, Vesa Toskala Called up to SJ; Toskala activated from IR
12/3 Scott Parker Put on the IR
12/5 Ed Campbell Released from Barons PTO
12/6 Jonathan Tremblay Called up to AHL Barons
12/6 Aaron Powers Signed PTO from ECHL South Carolina
12/8 Nolan Schaefer Returned to Cleveland
12/8 Jamie Holden Sent down to ECHL Fresno
12/9 Jonathan Tremblay Assigned to UHL Quad Cities Mallards
12/9 Wayne Cowley Signed PTO with AHL Barons. "41-year old bar keeper".(emergency goalie)
12/9 Wayne Cowley, Aaron Powers Released from PTO
12/9 Jamie Holden Recalled to AHL Cleveland
12/10 Bill Ruggiero Signed to AHL PTO; released from AHL PTO (temporary goalie).
12/10 Aaron Powers Signed to AHL PTO.
12/14 Ryane Clowe Sent down to Cleveland
12/14 Josh Gorges Recalled to NHL San Jose
12/20 Scott Parker Activated off IR
12/23 Mike Morris (prospect) Sitting out the year due to post concussion syndrome from summer car accident. Plans to come back to play for college team in 06-07 (delaying graduation a full year). Story
12/26 Scott Parker Put on IR
12/26 Ryane Clowe
Recalled from Cleveland
12/28 Jamie Holden Sent down to ECHL Fresno.

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