Sharks 2004 Contract Status

2003 contracts

Date Player Info Contract type/comment
1/9 Lynn Loyns Sharks announcement Traded to Calgary Flames for "future considerations"
3/3 Jason Marshall Sharks announcement Traded from Minnesota Wild for draft pick
3/9 Brad Boyes, Jeff Jillson, Curtis Brown Sharks announcement Three way trade with Buffalo and Boston. Boston gets Boyes, Buffalo gets Jillson. Sharks get Brown. (And some draft picks, future considerations and Andy Delmore.)
3/17 Shane Joseph Barons announcement Signed ATO with Barons. Former college linemate of Grant Stevenson.
3/31 Scott Ford Sharks announcement Signed with Sharks. Captain of Brown University; ECAC Best Defensive Defenseman 2004.
4/2 Aaron Gill Barons announcement Signed ATO With Barons. Late April signed with the Sharks.
4/10 Jon DiSalvatore Signed NHL contract with St Louis. (Something like he had to be offerred a NHL contract by the Sharks at the end of the AHL regular season or he'd become a free agent. And he signed with St Louis while the Sharks were defeating the Blues in the opening round. Surreal. ;-) So he won't be returning to the Sharks organization.
4/23 Tim Conboy Signed first NHL contract with Sharks.
6/2 Jonas Fielder Sharks announcement Sharks decided not to sign 20 year old; he is eligible to be re-drafted.
6/21 Brad Stuart Sharks announcement Team option exercised for 04-05 season
6/27 Tim Conboy, Scott Ford, Aaron Gill, Shane Joseph Sharks announcement Sharks officially announce signing of four prospects.
6/30 Tom Preissing, Mark Smith Sharks announcement Agree to contracts
6/30 Vincent Damphousse, Jason Marshall, Mike Ricci, Todd Harvey Sharks announcement Not being offerred contracts before UFA season begins. Might be back, but there are younger and hungrier players who want to step back/into NHL roster spots.
6/30 Rob Davison, Niko Dimitrakos, Nils Ekman, Jim Fahey, Scott Hannan, Evgeni Nabokov, Scott Parker, Wayne Primeau, Vesa Toskala and Miroslav Zalesak. Sharks announcement Qualifying offers made.
6/30 Curtis Brown Sharks announcement Contract being negotiated, but might result in him becoming UFA if deal can't be worked out before deadline.
7/2 Curtis Brown Signs with Chicago Blackhawks.
7/9 Mike Ricci Signs with Phoenix Coyotes
7/15 Nils Ekman, Scott Hannan, Evgeni Nabokov, Scott Parker, Vesa Toskala Filed for arbitration. (Only Wayne Primeau didn't, of the eligible.)
7/20 Robert Mulick Signs with Italian team
7/30 Rob Davison, Jim Fahey Sharks announcement Re-signed.
8/3 Matt Carkner, Niko Dimitrakos, Scott Parker, Vesa Toskala Sharks announcement Re-signed. Some happened "weeks" ago and only just now are being announced. Toskala avoided arbitration.
8/5 Nils Ekman Sharks announcement Arbitration award named.
8/8 Scott Hannan Sharks announcement Arbitration avoided, 3 year contract.
8/11 Jesse Fibiger Signs for one year with Ottawa Senators organization.
8/13 Evgeni Nabokov Sharks announcement Arbitration avoided, 2 year contract.
8/18 Vincent Damphousse Signs with Colorado Avalanche
8/25 Jason Marshall Signs with New York Rangers
9/8 Miroslav Zalesak Sharks announcement Re-signed
9/15 Wayne Primeau Sharks announcement Re-signed
9/15 Todd Harvey Signs with Edmonton Oilers.
9/15 Riley Armstrong Sharks announcement Signs two-way contract with Sharks after leading the team in scoring at the Rookie Tourney.
9/21 Scott Dobben, Nick Bootland, Greg Labenski, Chad Allen Barons announcement Signed by Barons. Dobben tried out at the Rookie Tourney. Bootland and Labenski are returning "journey men". Note, with expiration of CBA, the Sharks can only offer AHL contracts.
9/22 Patrick Rissmiller, Josh Prudden, Jonathan Tremblay Barons announcement Signed to AHL contracts.
9/22 Colin Shields Barons announcement Signed to AHL ATO.
10/5 Matt Carkner, Jim Fahey Barons announcement Signed to AHL contracts. (It's been rumored/assumed for a matter of weeks.)
12/17 Jason Jaffray Barons announcement Signed to AHL contract.

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