Did the Sharks lose the draft?

Per Puck Daddy (Wyshynski and Leahy), the Sharks were one of the losers at the draft:

LOSER: San Jose Sharks

The Sharks were in on Cam Talbot and missed out after he was dealt to Edmonton. They then dealt the negotiating rights to Antti Niemi to Dallas. “As we look at it, there are more goalies than teams,” said GM Doug Wilson. “And there are more people available in discussions than you guys hear about.” So what does he do now? He didn’t rule out bringing Niemi back should he fail to sign with the Stars. But with all the goalies on the move this weekend, San Jose failed to snag one. Maybe Wilson can give Bob Murray a call. He’s got three NHL-level ones in Anaheim now.

Really? The Sharks “lost” the draft? I guess it really comes down to whether their expectations were met at the draft.  (BTW, Boston has a bunch NHL-caliber goalies, too.  Just sayin’.)

(As the Sharks seem to be extremely tight lipped regarding trade discussions I really have to wonder if this isn’t just a sour-grapes strike against the organization that does not telegraph in details all it’s actions to the press hours/days/weeks/months in advance.  Most of the “news” regarding potential movement seems to be coming out of the other side of the conversation, not from team teal.  GM Wilson does not discuss the conversations he has with other general managers.)

I agree that the Sharks did not check off their off season list, which still includes:

And more than two months left to accomplish those items before training camp.

But the main goal for this week was that the Sharks needed most of their draft picks to keep the pipeline stocked.  And they accomplished that (without mortgaging the future:  leaving picks intact, for the most part, in future seasons).

The Sharks were rumored to have kicked the tires on a lot of trade deals.  Bieksa (fell through as the Sharks did not want to give up their 2015 2nd).  Talbot (went to Edmonton).  (And those are just the one that news leaked about.)  The Sharks traded away Niemi (who looks like he’s just about got a deal done with the Stars), and picked up a defensive prospect at the draft.

Although the Sharks GM Wilson knows you have to pay to get, he’s not desperate to get his deals done at the draft.  He indicated that a lot of conversations that started this past week that will continue.

I would declare, as far as the draft went, the Sharks suceeded.  They drafted nine players, adding some needed depth.

First, they picked up two goalie prospects (Robinson, Kupsky).  (And re-signed Grosenick. That’s two signed goalies for the upcoming season.  Need at least four, so there will be more.  There are two RFA goalies that could be re-signed.)

Second, they added three blueline prospects (Roy, Cukste, Parsells).

Third, they drafted four forwards (Meier, Helewka, Balcers, Vela).

However, with any draft, it’s really hard to know how WELL a team does with its picks until five to ten years down the road.

But to declare the Sharks a loser because they don’t have a shiny, new clear cut #1 goalie before the UFA period starts?  Irresponsible, click baiting, FUD.

Let’s see where the Sharks’ roster is after Labor Day before making pronouncements that their season is doomed.