Sharks 2016-17 schedule notes

The San Jose Sharks NHL schedule has been released.  (You can download the schedule, sync with your calendar, print, etc. at link.)

Sharks open at home (vs Kings) on October 12 and finish the season at home hosting the Flames.

There are 16 back-to-backs.  Two home-and-home; 3 away-home, 2 home-away and nine on the road.

The Sharks have 18 road trips (41 games), traveling 50.1k miles (think air miles only).  Average flight is 849 miles (min 6, max 2505).  Nine 1-game trips.  Three 2-game trips, and three 4-game trips. And one each 3-game, 5-game and 6-game trips.  (One weird trip:  Dallas-Minnesota-Dallas-Nashville — what’s with the going to same place twice on the same trip?)

Sharks have nineteen home stands.  Seven 1-game home stands.  Seven 2-game home stands. Three 3-game home stands.  One 5-game home stand and one 6-game home stand.

The Sharks average nearly 53 hours between games. Minimum time between games is 23 hours.  Maximum is 145.5 hours.