League Definitions/Relations

Have you ever tried to figure out which team was where? What "type" or level a league is? It can get confusing, especially when a group of "leagues" is a league itself. So, somewhat hierarchically, followed by breakdowns of each league. I do realize there are many leagues in Europe, but the effort of summarizing those teams is beyond the scope of what I want to accomplish here. (And no adult/senior rec leagues)

Professional leagues | Amateur/Junior leagues | College leagues

National Hockey League (NHL)

American Hockey League (AHL) (leaves site)

The ECHL (leaves site)

Central Hockey League (there are multiple leagues with the CHL initials) (leaves site)


Division breakdown by league


The National Hockey League is the premier professional league in North America. The teams play for Lord Stanley's Cup in playoffs. (League site has RSS feeds available for news, features, etc.)

Western Conference

Pacific Division
Central Division

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division
Metropolitan Division

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