Sharks June 1st deadline for draftee signings – ties cut with 3+ draftees?

June 1st has come and gone; with no news from the Sharks.  It’s one of the annual deadline for draftees to be signed.  Sharks draftees impacted include:

  • Bergvik, Galimov – 2013 draftees (back to draft if not signed)
  • Boudreau — 2014 bonafides (back to draft if not signed)
  • Labanc, Sadowy, Schoenborn, Vanier – 2014 draftees (Sharks retain rights for another year; that was the deadline to give a bonafide offer)

It’s possible there was some movement, and the Sharks just haven’t announced.  But I’m thinking that none of Bergvivk, Galimov, Boudreau have been signed, and they simply are not announcing it.  SOP for Sharks.

(There is another upcoming deadline: August 15. Sharks could sign Gaede – college grad – or let him become free agent.)

Update 6/2: Sharks announce four 2014 draftees given bonafide offers and Boudreau returning to draft. There is some confusion from the CBA whether European players (drafted at age 18 or 19) have their rights retained for two years or four.

Sharks/Barracuda news for week of 150531

Highlights: Search for DeBoer’s assistant coaches begins. Four 2014 draftees given bonafide offers. Brent Burns heading to Australia (busman’s holiday).

5/31: NBC/PHT: Report: DeBoer and Spott could reunite in San Jose

5/31: Salem News – Blackwell named Harvard’s Comeback Player of the Year

5/31 – SJ Merc WTC – Sharks reportedly get permission to talk with Steve Spott about assistant coach job

6/1: CSN Sharks – Sharks have decisions to make on pending free agents

6/1: SF Chron – REPORT: New Sharks coach DeBoer closing in on first assistant

6/2: SJSharks – Sharks Issue Offers to 2014 Draft Picks
Four 2014 draftees made bonafide offers; one 2013 draftee not signed, back to draft

6/2: CSN Sharks – Sharks’ second-rounder Boudreau to re-enter NHL Draft

6/3: Times Colonist: Jack Knox: For cyclists, 550-kilometre ride a way to fight ALS
Irwin donates sweater he wore at outdoor game to help support disease that took his grandfather.

6/3: Fox Sports Australia – NHL All Star and fan-favourite San Jose Sharks star Brent Burns headed to Australia

6/5: NHL PR: NHL/NHLPA Competition Committee statement
Recommend coach’s challenge

Sharks prospect in CHL Memorial Cup

After sweeping their WHL opponent 5/13, the Kelowna Rockets (Chartier) will open the Memorial Cup 9 days later, in Quebec.

Full tourney schedule

Schedule of games of interest:

Sharks prospects in CHL playoffs, round 4 (league finals)

Recapping round 3: In the WHL, Chartier (Kelowna) won in six games over Schooenborn (Portland). Chartier missed last three games of the series.

WHL | schedule/results

WF. Kelowna (Chartier) vs Brandon

Kelowna Cap News previews series

Now on to the Memorial Cup in Quebec City.


  • Friday, May 22: Kelowna vs (host) Quebec
  • Monday, May 25: QMJHL Rimouski vs Kelowna
  • Tuesday, May 26: OHL (Erie or Oshawa) vs Kelowna

Sharks prospects CHL playoffs round 3

Recapping round 2:  In the OHL, Labanc (Barrie) and Bergman (London) both were eliminated. In the WHL, Chartier (Kelowna) and Schooenborn (Portland) advanced and will face each other in the WHL Western Conference Finals.

WHL | schedule/results

WCF. Kelowna (Chartier) vs Portland (Schoenborn)

Kelowna wins series 4-2.  On to the WHL Finals: Brandon vs Kelowna (starts Friday).


Sharks prospects in CHL playoffs round 2

Recapping round 1: QMJHL had three series and all Sharks draftees’ teams eliminated (Vanier did not play any games for Sherbrooke).  In the OHL, Labanc (Barrie) and Bergman (London) advanced, Sadowy (Saginaw) was eliminated. In the WHL, Chartier (Kelowna) and Schooenborn (Portland) advanced. Round 2: 4 series of interest: two in OHL, two in WHL.

OHL | schedule/results

E2. Barrie (Labanc) vs North Bay

Eliminated 1-4

W3. London (Bergman) vs Erie

Eliminated 0-4

WHL | schedule/results

BC1. Kelowna (Chartier) vs Victoria

  • G1 April 10; 5-0 win; Chartier goal, +1
  • G2 April 11; 4-3 win; Chartier even
  • G3 April 14; 4-2 win; Chartier assist
  • G4 April 15; 4-5 loss; Chartier goal
  • G5 April 17; 7-3 win; Chartier goal, +1

Kelowna advances 4-1

US2. Portland (Schoenborn) vs Everett

Portland advances 4-1

Kelowna to face Portland in WCF, in round 3.  Starts Friday 4/24.