Preseason rankings

A number of sites have weekly updates as to where they think teams are ranked among the league.

USA Today: 11 (and USA Today’s group of pundits predict division, major award winners — no Shark mentions)
USA Today: 3rd in Pacific
USA Today’s team preview
USA Today Kevin Allen Western Conference overview

The Hockey News: 3rd in Pacific Division

Kukla’s Korner (PuckStopsHere): 2nd in Pacific Division
Kukla’s Korner (SabresObserver): 2nd in Pacific Division

Bleacher Report (Utz): 3rd in Pacific Division (and best new rivalry)

Fansided (SenShot): 3rd in Pacific

Sportsnet:  8th in league

Buffalo News’ Harrington: 11th in league

ESPN: 11th in the league

New York Post: 10th in league

Puck Daddy/Yahoo: Most pundits have the Sharks finishing 2nd or 3rd in division, but one has the Sharks winning the division
Yahoo/Cotsonika: 7th in league

TSN: 4

(Will be updating as more sources release their predictions, so bookmark and check back)

CSN Sharks Preview (video)

TSN season preview

Reuter’s capsule season preview pundit predictions: only one has Sharks winning division

Puck Daddy predictions: Sharks mentioned as most underhyped team; McLellan as potential first coach fired; and Scott as potential most/longest suspended

Sportsnet predictions (no Sharks mentions)