Sharks at IIHF World Championships May 17 – Medal round

Last chance for glory.

Sharks at IIHF World Championships May 16 – SemiFinals

Saturday semi-final games.

Locally showing on CSN (CA).

Sunday’s schedule:

  • 7:00am PT Bronze medal game: CZE (Hertl) vs USA (Smith)
  • 11:30am PT Gold Medal Game: Canada (Burns/McLellan) vs Russia (NBCSN)

Sharks at IIHF World Championships May 14 – Quarterfinals

Today, it’s win or go home.  The four QF winners will face off in semifinals on Saturday to determine who’ll be playing for gold or bronze on Sunday.

  • 6:15am PT USA (Smith) -SUI (live on NBCSN) ; preview ; USA 3-1 ; Smith goal, +1; recap NBC
  • 7:15am PT CAN (Burns/McLellan) -BLR (JIP on NBCSN) ; Canada 9-0 ; Burns 2 goals, 2 assists, +3 ; recap NHL | NBC
  • 10:15am PT SWE-RUS ; Russia 5-3
  • 1:15pm PT FIN-CZE (Hertl) ; CZE 5-3 ; Hertl dressed, but did not play

Next up: Saturday semi-final games.

  • 6:15am PT Canada (Burns/McLellan) vs CZE (Hertl)
  • 10:15am PT USA (Smith) vs RUS

Sharks at IIHF World Championship May 12

Last day of round robin play. Top 4 teams in each group advance to quarterfinals (starting Thursday).

CAN (Burns/McLellan) vs AUT; CAN 10-1 ; Burns 2 assists

LAT (Jevpalovs) vs FRA; FRA 3-2 ; Jevpalovs did not play

USA (Smith) vs SVK: USA 5-4 OT ; Smith goal (opened scoring)

CZE (Hertl) vs SUI; CZE 2-1 ; Hertl even

USA and Canada win their respective groups.

Day off on Wednesday.

Quarter Finals schedule for Thursday:

  • 6:15am PT USA (Smith) -SUI (live on NBCSN)
  • 7:15am PT CAN (Burns/McLellan) -BLR (JIP? on NBCSN)
  • 10:15am PT SWE-RUS
  • 1:15pm PT FIN-CZE (Hertl)

(Plus there’s a 2 hour recap game at 8:30pm PT on NBCSN?)

Sharks at IIHF World Championships May 10

Three games of interest today.

GER vs CZE (Hertl); CZE 4-2 ; Hertl even, 2 SOG

SLO vs USA (Smith); USA 3-1 ; Smith did not play (replaced by Wild’s Coyle, a former Shark prospect)

SUI vs Canada (Burns/McLellan) ; Canada 7-2 ; Burns 2 assists, +1

USA and CZE are qualified for the quarter finals, and Canada who is unbeaten in tourney. QFs start Thursday.

No games of interest on Monday.  Tuesday’s games of interest: CAN (Burns/McLellan) vs AUT; LAT (Jevpalovs) vs FRA; USA (Smith) vs SVK; CZE (Hertl) vs SUI.

Sharks at IIHF World Championships, May 6-8

(Traveling, catching up)

On Wednesday:

SUI vs LAT (Jevpalovs); Lativa 2-1; Jevpalovs did not play

SWE – Canada (Burns/McLellan); Canada 6-4; Burns with assist

On Thursday:

CZE (Hertl) vs France; CZE 5-1 ; Hertl with assist

USA (Smith) vs BLR; USA 2-5 ; Smith 4 SOG

On Friday

CZE (Hertl) vs AUT; CZE 4-0 ; Hertl with assist

GER vs Latvia (Jevpalovs); LAT 1-2 ; Jevpalovs did not play

USA (Smith) vs DEN; USA 1-0 ; Smith 3 SOG


Games of interest on Saturday: FRA – CAN (Burns/McLellan); AUT-LAT (Jevpalovs).