Sharks 2016-17 schedule notes

The San Jose Sharks NHL schedule has been released.  (You can download the schedule, sync with your calendar, print, etc. at link.)

Sharks open at home (vs Kings) on October 12 and finish the season at home hosting the Flames.

There are 16 back-to-backs.  Two home-and-home; 3 away-home, 2 home-away and nine on the road.

The Sharks have 18 road trips (41 games), traveling 50.1k miles (think air miles only).  Average flight is 849 miles (min 6, max 2505).  Nine 1-game trips.  Three 2-game trips, and three 4-game trips. And one each 3-game, 5-game and 6-game trips.  (One weird trip:  Dallas-Minnesota-Dallas-Nashville — what’s with the going to same place twice on the same trip?)

Sharks have nineteen home stands.  Seven 1-game home stands.  Seven 2-game home stands. Three 3-game home stands.  One 5-game home stand and one 6-game home stand.

The Sharks average nearly 53 hours between games. Minimum time between games is 23 hours.  Maximum is 145.5 hours.


Hitting a brick wall (SCF game 6 recap)

Well, the Sharks gave it their all, but fell short.  And the NHL season comes to an end.

Game 6 pregame thoughts

The Sharks wrote new history: winning the Western Conference, and two wins away from winning the Stanley Cup.  They made it past the Kings (Beat LA), the Predators (Smashed Nash) and (Silenced) the Blues.

While sad for Shark fans, there are 28 other teams that wish they could have played this late into June.  For their accomplishment, they’ll be picking 29th in each round (that they have a pick), plus a few additional picks acquired along the way.

The Sharks were without Tomas Hertl (leg), and many others dealing with injuries (three days later and still waiting for full list of injuries and their severity). Lack of the offense Hertl provided was one of the keys to not winning in the fourth round (and only scoring first in one game). Hearing Nieto skated through SCF with broken ribs (ouch).

This season proved to the fans that this version of the Sharks is worth supporting.  After a few early non-sell out playoff games, the later rounds were full sell outs.  Now to see if the Tank returns to full capacity in the fall.  Even Bettman complimented the San Jose fans on their volume of sound in the Finals (as they did a pretty good job of drowning him out as he awarded the Stanley Cup).

Jones proved his worth – well beyond the first round pick.  And the fans have found a supportive chant for him (“Jonesy”). He has convinced folks that he is the real deal, so the pre-season question mark about him is replaced with a big check mark.

Couture really stepped up this post season, providing leadership and offense.  His addition after missing so much of the season with two significant injuries really helped the Sharks surprise the Western Conference with their tenacity and offense.What will the 2016-17 season hold?  A lot will depend on who’s in the lineup for the season opener (and the rest of the season). Will the Sharks participating in the World Cup come back to California tired or invigorated and ready for the regular season? And injuries, puck luck.  But I think you can fill in (in pen) making playoffs as an expectation.

Sharks vs Penguins Stanley Cup Final Game 6 160612

Sharks are now 2-0 in elimination games this season.  And there’s a reason for hope: Penguins have a history of choking.

Game 5 pregame thoughts

Before game 5, DeBoer informed the media that the Sharks were motivated to make all those present get on a plane to San Jose for game 6.  And the Sharks wives and girl friends were at the game.  Plus, they denied the Penguins a chance to be the first Pittsburgh franchise to win a championship at home since 1960.

Whatever the motivation, the Sharks scored two fast ones, only to have the Penguins tie it up quickly (setting a NHL record for fasted four goals in SCF).  But the Sharks got the tie breaker about ten minutes later, which ended up being the game winner.  (Sharks now 9-0 in playoffs when leading after 40 minutes.)

The Sharks had their first lead(s) of the SCF.

Here’s hoping and praying that the Sharks have gotten past their jitters and mental blocks so they are able to play hard, get the bounces and add another win to force a game 7.

Pregame 6 pump up playlist


Sharks @ Penguins Stanley Cup Final Game 5 160609

The Sharks lose another game, now behind in the series 1-3.  It’s elimination time: win to extend season, or head home for the summer.

Game 4 pregame thoughts

Pens scored first again; and got the only PP goal of the game.  Sharks managed one goal, to avoid being shut out. Seems like Pittsburgh is able to counter the Sharks dump and chase better than the Sharks have been able to adjust to the Pens speed and scramble, taking advantage of the little mistakes.

The Sharks won’t be able to count on their power play with the officials keeping their whistles in their pockets for most of the game.

Pens will be inspired to win their fourth Stanley Cup; the previous three have been won on the road, so it would have special meaning to clinch at home.

But the Sharks would like to score first (hasn’t happened yet in the series), as well as have a lead (they haven’t had one of those either).  Pavelski and Burns have not scored a goal this series.

Hertl is still listed as “day to day” (which per DeBoer in Czech means he’s lost for the season; lol).  Everyone’s playing banged up; it’s just an issue of who can perform the best.

The last team to come back and win the Stanley Cup after being down 1-3 was more than sixty years ago.  Sharks have an up hill battle, but they seem to play their best when considered the under dog.

Hope to see game 6 live on Sunday.

Pregame pump up play list

Sharks vs Penguins Stanley Cup Final Game 4 160606

Sharks play physical, gritty.  Win 3-2 in OT.

Game 3 thoughts

Pens scored first (again), tied up by Braun soon after, in first period.  Late Pens goal in second, but Ward ties it up immediately after power play ended.  In OT, Donskoi got a gorgeous over the shoulder shot for the win.

Sharks outshot (except in 2nd period), but the physical play was high.  DeBoer shortened bench to 10 forwards late in the game.

For game 4, Hertl is still out.

game 4 scf

But the Sharks (and their fans) are determined to even up the series (and guarantee another home game Sunday).

Pregame playlist

Sharks vs Penguins Stanley Cup Final Game 3 160604

Sharks head home down 0-2.

UPDATE: Hertl out; Karlsson or Zubrus to be on top line tonight

Game 2 pregame thoughts

I had family in town and was unable to watch game 2.  Perhaps that was for the best.

Scoreless in the first.  Penguins score first in the second.  Sharks tie it up in the third.  And Penguins get the game winner early in the first OT.


Many pundits are backing away from their predictions and swapping horses (from the Sharks), touting the Sharks inability to handle the Penguins speed, poor faceoff win ratio, the Sharks dependence on the power play (and the Penguins discipline in not giving them many opportunities), and the silence of the top two lines offensively.  And that 89.2% of teams up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals win them, plus the Sharks have never won a playoff series after being down 0-2.

And yet, the Sharks have yet to play one game of this series at home.  And they’ve never been in the Stanley Cup Finals before.  All the games have been one-goal games, with the game winning goal scored in the last few minutes of the third period or OT.

So, just toss those stats out the window (see #9 from former captain Bob Errey).

The Sharks will be energized by their home fans.  And perhaps the SAP Center ice won’t be allowing the Penguins to use their speed as effectively.

There are sixty (or more) minutes of hockey to be played on Saturday.

Time to show up in teal, and root the boys on.

My pregame playlist:

Sharks @ Penguins Stanley Cup Final Game 2 160601

O.M.G.  Sharks are playing hockey in JUNE!!

Game 1 postgame thoughts

It has been announced that Justin Braun will leave the team after game 2 to attend his father-in-law’s funeral.  (Sounds like he won’t miss any game time and be back in the lineup for game 3.)

Line up changes:  Nieto in.  Game time decision as to who will not be in.  Rust is game time decision for the Pens.

Sharks have promised to make the necessary changes (and play without nerves) for game 2.

I think this game will be better to show how the two teams match up.