Sharks 2018 Summer "Need Contract"

Players unsigned/undetermined future status with organization

Which draftees do the Sharks need to sign/make contract offers to (full draft list is at bottom of page):

Below are players in the Sharks' organization under NHL (and/or AHL) contracts that expire 6/30/17.

RFA (Group 2); must be re-signed or receive a qualifying offer by 6/26/2017 (6/25 or the Monday after the entry draft, whichever is later); otherwise become UFAs.

RFA-defected; QO'd but not re-signed. Sharks hold rights until player reaches age 27 (UFA age).

UFA Group 3: a player age 27 with four accrued seasons or with seven accrued seasons

UFA (Group III)
Age on 7/1
Accured Seasons
Brendan Bollig    
Aaron Dell    
Jannik Hansen    
Brandon Mashinter    
Joe Thornton    
Joel Ward    

UFA Group 6: "age 25 or older, have completed three or more professional seasons, and (i) in the case of a player other than a goaltender, have played less than 80 NHL games (regular-season and playoff), or (ii) in the case of a goaltender, have played less than 28 NHL games (regular-season and playoff)."

UFA (Group VI)
Age on 7/1
NHL accrued seasons NHL games played # pro seasons

UFA (neither group 3 or 6; or no QO or released or bought out by organization or expiring AHL contract)

Spencer Auschak
David Makowski 
John McCarthy
Bryan Moore
Stephon Williams

Unsigned Sharks draftees

College-eligible "years remaining" (after 2017-2018 season) for four years shown, as applicable. (Note on Bergvik and Galimov: they are considered defected players, so the Sharks still hold their rights for 4 years from being drafted.)

2013: C Jacob Jackson (college, 1) (bonafide offer)

2014: (acquired in trade) C Maxim Letunov (college, 1)

2015: G Mike Robinson (college, 2), D Karlis Cukste (college, 2), C Marcus Vela (college, 1), G John Kupsky (college, 1).

2016: C Dylan Gambrel (college, 1), C Noah Gregor (bonafide offer), D Mark Shoemaker (bonafide offer)

2017: C Josh Norris (college, 3), D Mario Ferraro (college, 3), C Scott Reedy, R Jacob McGrew, C Sasha Chmelevski, L Ivan Chekhovich


Each NHL team is limited to having fifty (50) players signed to NHL contracts. (Players aged 18 or 19 playing in North American major junior leagues or Europe are excluded from that number.) Each NHL team may have no more than ninety players in their organizational depth chart.

NHL Salary cap (per team) for 2017-18 is $75m. The average league salary for 2016-17 was $3,012,785, up 4.55 per cent from 2015-16 ($2,881,758).

If the club/team wishes to take a player to arbitration, they have from June 15 or 48 hours after Stanley Cup being awarded (first period) or 5:01pm ET July 5 to 5pm ET July 6 to elect arbitration. A team can take a player to arbitration only once (but a player can elect arbitration as many times as he wants). If a team takes a player to arbitration, they cannot walk away from the award. If a player-elected arbitration award is $4,084,219 (2017)or greater, teams can "walk away" from the arbitration (and match negotiated contract up to 85% of arbitration award with new club).

The minimum NHL player salary is 2017-18 and 18/19 $650,000; 2019-20 and 20/21 $700,000; and 2021-22 $750,000.

QO amounts from CBA: Article 10.2 (a)(ii) Players earning $660,000 or less will be entitled to qualifying offers (QO) at 110% of their prior year’s salary; players earning more than $660,000 and up to $1 million will be entitled to QOs at 105% of prior year’s salary (but not to exceed $1 million); players earning more than $1 million will be entitled to QO at 100% of their prior year’s salary.

Official free agent list and RFA compensation

$1,295,571 or below None
Over $1,295,571-$1,962,986 Third-round choice
Over $1,962,986-$3,925,975 Second-round choice
Over $3,925,975-$5,888,960 First-round and third-round choice
Over $5,888,960-$7,851,948 First-round, second-round and third-round choice
Over $7,851,948-$9,814,935 Two first-round choices, one second- and one third-round choice
Over $9,814,935 Four first-round choices

Arbitration-eligible players must elect arbitration by July 5, 2016. See CBA Article 12.

Age of signing NHL contract Years professional experience
18-20 4 years
21 3 years
22-23 2 years
24+ 1 year

Nominally, Accrued Season means any league year during which a player was on a club's active NHL roster for 40 (30 if the player is a goalie) or more regular season games.

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