Sharks vs Blues Western Conference Final Game 3 160519 postgame

Sharks demolish the Blues, 3-0. Now lead the series 2-1.

tGame 3 pregame news/notes

Nearly 24 hours later and it’s still hard to sit down and write about the game. It’s like a kid in a candy store and my attention is being pulled in 360 degrees with fun/good things to look at and where does one settle?

So awesome!  Loved the nod to Jo Pawvelski as DJ!

And then there was the game.

The first half of period one were a bit tentative.  But then the Sharks just took over.  Jones stoned the Blues’ shooters, and the Sharks offense got past Elliot.

Jones tying Nabby for ten wins in the post season, and two shutouts.  First Sharks goalie to have back-to-back shutouts.  And the first time the Sharks have ever lead in a Western Conference Final series.

Now on to game 4!