Barracuda @ Reign PDSF Game 3 160428

And off the guys head to Ontario, where they haven’t won all season, with the series tied 1-1.

But that doesn’t mean there is no hope for the Barracuda.

Playoff results are not indicative based on the regular season results.   It’s an issue of which players are on the roster “today”, how teams are playing through their injuries, and how “hot” players/goalies can get.  With a bit of influence/encouragement from the fans.

Except that Michael hasn’t played for the Barracuda this post season yet.

Reign’s Sutter missed another day of practice. Reign Coach updates on injuries.

Gackle feature on Goldobin.

AHL daily preview

Sharks prospect Chartier is heading to Ontario for the AHL playoffs after being ousted from WHL playoffs.  (Guessing it’s doubtful for tonight, but he may arrive in time for puck drop.)  Labanc signed to AHL ATO and heading to Barracuda.

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Barracuda outshot 43-17, outscored 3-1.  Dell pulled after giving up 3rd goal on 39 saves.  Goldobin scored the lone goal for San Jose.

Hopefully both Chartier and Labanc can be in the lineup tomorrow.