Sharks vs Predators PDF Game 1 160429 postgame

Let the battle commence. (Pregame news/links)

The teams spent about the first five minutes of play feeling each other out and the Sharks worked on getting the rust out (with bad passes and missed positions).  Period ended 0-0.

Predators scored in the second on their second power play, leading 1-0 after 40 minutes.

The Sharks scored five straight, including two power play goals and two empty nets, in the third.  Predators desperately scored one with goalie pulled.  Hutton came in relief to play the last few seconds of the game.

(And as seen on TV: there was a black cat that ran across the ice before warm ups.  Not mentioned/seen at game, so perhaps it happened before the doors opened?)

Final score: Sharks 5-2

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Sharks vs Predators PDF Game 1 160429

And so it begins.

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Predators are coming in hot (but probably battered) from their game 7 win two days ago.  Sharks have been healing and resting (with hard practices) for a week.

I’m expecting both teams to come out hard in the early part of the game to try and get an advantage.

Sharks have yet to change their line up this post season.  Haley, Zubrus, DeMelo,  Tennyson and Reimer have zero minutes of ice time (and the first four haven’t even dressed for a game).  Tennyson is back in NHL after three-game conditioning stint with AHL Barracuda.

Time for a little dreaming

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Barracuda @ Reign PDSF Game 4 160429

Down 2-1, it’s win or go home for the Barracuda tonight.

Guessing Chartier and Labanc may get in the lineup.

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Chartier, Labanc and Brodinski were in the line up tonight.  But the Barracuda came up short, losing the game 4-1 and the series 3-1.  All season Dell has been very good; the significant issue was lack of offense.

Sharks – Predators Pacific Division Final – playoffs

Finally, a known opponent.

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Former Sharks on opponent: Carter Hutton; Scott Nichol (Director of Player Development)

Predators flew to San Jose on Thursday after winning their first round series in their first game 7 against the Anaheim Ducks on Wednesday, and open up the series on Friday.

The Predators have never won a series against the Sharks, and the Sharks have never faced the Predators in the second round.  Sharks won both the 05-06 and 06-07 WCQF series against the Predators in five games.

The Sharks forwards average 6′ 1″, and 202.8 pounds; defense 6′ 2″ and 212.8. Forwards average age is 28.6, defense 28.4.

The Predators forwards average about the same height, more than two pounds heavier, and a year and a half younger.  Defense is half an inch shorter, more than six pounds lighter and again about a year and a half younger.

Nashville is riding high after its first game 7, and a win.  So could come in “hot” against the Sharks who haven’t played for a week.

This will probably a physical series, based on the # of hits each team had in the regular season.  Predators averaged more than a minute more of penalties per game than the Sharks.  Sharks scored more goals and let in fewer goals than the Predators.

While both teams had good road playoff records in the first round, and the Sharks had a poor regular season home record, I don’t know that it’ll be that much a difference with the intensity of the second round playoffs.

And sometimes all the stats and calculations in the world don’t mean a thing when the puck drops.

My call: Sharks in 6.

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Barracuda @ Reign PDSF Game 3 160428

And off the guys head to Ontario, where they haven’t won all season, with the series tied 1-1.

But that doesn’t mean there is no hope for the Barracuda.

Playoff results are not indicative based on the regular season results.   It’s an issue of which players are on the roster “today”, how teams are playing through their injuries, and how “hot” players/goalies can get.  With a bit of influence/encouragement from the fans.

Except that Michael hasn’t played for the Barracuda this post season yet.

Reign’s Sutter missed another day of practice. Reign Coach updates on injuries.

Gackle feature on Goldobin.

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Sharks prospect Chartier is heading to Ontario for the AHL playoffs after being ousted from WHL playoffs.  (Guessing it’s doubtful for tonight, but he may arrive in time for puck drop.)  Labanc signed to AHL ATO and heading to Barracuda.

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Barracuda outshot 43-17, outscored 3-1.  Dell pulled after giving up 3rd goal on 39 saves.  Goldobin scored the lone goal for San Jose.

Hopefully both Chartier and Labanc can be in the lineup tomorrow.

Between the Series – Sharks post PDSF

The Sharks got a well deserved two days away from the rink after winning their series Friday night.  Players were tweeting from around the Bay, enjoying time with family.  (For instance, Pavelski took in the Giants game on Saturday and the Earthquakes game on Sunday.  Burns went camping with the kids — in the driveway. Vlasic played with his three dogs.  A few more “what I did on my weekend off” in the articles below.)

Now the wait continues to see if they’ll play Anaheim or Nashville next.  Nashville forced a game 7 on Wednesday.  The Pacific Division final will start on Friday.

The reasons the Sharks won include:  good goal tending, better defense, good depth (although the scoring part didn’t really kick in until game 5), and health. Sharks lead in the series for nearly 174 minutes, while the Kings just lead about 4 minutes.  (And even in the Kings game 3 win – it was in OT; they never led in the game.)  The Sharks had the size and patience to weather the barrage of hits inflicted by the Kings. The Sharks did not change their lineup for the entire series.

The Sharks will be off six full days between winning round one and opening round two.  Definitely time for the bumps and bruises to heal (or get a whole lot better).  DeBoer addresses the question of “rest vs rust”.  Sharks will want to start fast, regardless of opponent as they will only have one day off between series (and the Preds have to travel from SoCal if they win), and play hard.

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Sharks @ Kings PDSF Game 5 160422 recap

Sharks scored three straight, missed on a penalty shot, then gave up three straight, leaving the game tied after 40 minutes.  But the Sharks came back with two more, plus an empty net, to push past the Kings and advance to the next round.

Donskoi, Tierney and Karlsson all scored their first career NHL playoff goals.  Nice to have secondary scoring help out in series.

Relief of finally getting past the Kings? Definitely.  Revenge for that 0-4 losing streak in 2014? Kinda, but what about the 2013 series loss?  All time, the Sharks and Kings are 2-2 in the playoffs.  This is the first time the series has been decided in less than seven games.

Sharks were clearly the better team in this series.

Perhaps my favorite stat of the series: The Kings had a lead in the series for a total of 4:02 (and that was only because they scored the first goal in game 1).

Thank you, Los Angeles Kings, for a good series.

The Sharks now wait for their next opponent, either the Anaheim Ducks or Nashville Predators.

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