Barracuda game day – preseason @ Condors 151002

The team heads on the road for their first road preseason game.  (And last preseason game.)

Nine players were called up to the NHL, so Rumpel will be starting, backed up by Dell.  Lots of try out players will have their last opportunity to get a contract.

First period: Condors score two.

Second period: Parker gets the Barracuda get on the board, but the Condors score two more.  4-1.

Third period: DiPaolo notched the only score of the period.  Barracuda 2-4 Condors final score.

Rumpel made 26 saves on 30 shots.  Barracuda made 32 shots.

Barracuda recap
Crane, Emanuelsson and Jevpalovs out due to injury.