The Summer knows – part 1 addendum: McLellan leaves; staff relieved

The summer smoothes
The restless sky

Today, the Sharks announced that the team and head coach Todd McLellan have mutually agreed to part ways.  All the assistants (Woodcroft, Johnson, video coordinator Hemlich) have been relieved of their duties.  (No word on goalie “coaches” Wayne Thomas and Corey Schwab.)

McLellan thanks owners, coaches, players and fans for his time in San Jose. (Full Q&A from presser)

Possible coaching replacements via Pashelka

Sharks prospects CHL playoffs round 3

Recapping round 2:  In the OHL, Labanc (Barrie) and Bergman (London) both were eliminated. In the WHL, Chartier (Kelowna) and Schooenborn (Portland) advanced and will face each other in the WHL Western Conference Finals.

WHL | schedule/results

WCF. Kelowna (Chartier) vs Portland (Schoenborn)

Kelowna wins series 4-2.  On to the WHL Finals: Brandon vs Kelowna (starts Friday).


150418 – Entry Draft lottery

Saturday, about 5pm, the lottery winner will be revealed.

Based on their record, finishing 22nd, the Sharks have a 5% (1 in 20) chance of winning the lottery.  (83% to stay at 9th; 12% to step back to 10th)

Update: Edmonton wins the lottery.  Sharks retain #9 pick.

Sharks/NHL introduction

San Jose Mercury News

 Puck Daddy chirpin’

Why We Should Pray They Win Lottery: Because San Jose missing the playoffs for only the second time since 1997, and after getting reserve-swept last season by their arch rivals, would make winning the lottery the Sharkiest thing that ever Sharked.

Why We Should Pray They Don’t Win Lottery: We’d eventually like to see him hoist the Cup.

NHL draft lottery drawing (video)

Sharks: Sharks Slotted as Ninth Selection in 2015 Draft

2015 NHL Playoffs – Sharks rooting card (round 1)

So, you want to root for the Sharks in the playoffs?  You’re stuck with former Sharks players and draftees.  (Based on series-opening rosters)

Ottawa: Milan Michalek
Montreal: Torrey Mitchell, Manny Malhotra

Detroit: assistant coach Tony Granato
Tampa Bay: Matt Carle

Pittsburgh: Christian Ehrhoff, Daniel Winnik, Thomas Greiss
NY Rangers: Dan Boyle, Dominic Moore, James Sheppard

NY Islanders: Tyler Kennedy
Washington: None

Minnesota: Charlie Coyle
St Louis: Marcel Goc

Chicago: Andrew Desjardins
Nashville: None

Winnipeg: TJ Galiardi
Anaheim: None

Calgary: None
Vancouver: Nick Bonino

150415 – Locker Clean out, “final” media availability

Well, the phrase of the day was: status quo.  No changes announced.  Deadline of 4/24 set for coaching decision.

And: Burns Nominated for King Clancy Memorial Trophy

Sharks videos

San Jose Mercury News

CSN Bay Area/California

Gackle Report

San Francisco Chronicle

Associated Press



Puck Daddy

The Summer Knows – pt 1: Front office, Coaching

So, what’s going to happen with GM Doug Wilson, head coach Todd McLellan, and assistant coaches Johnson, Woodcroft? And what about the goalie coaching situation?

“The summer knows
The summer smiles….”

There is no president, just the ownership he reports to, and I really doubt DW will be replaced just for producing a team that indeed did “step back” as predicted and planned. He outlined the multi-year rebuild plan last summer to ownership and I’d guess he had a % chance of not making playoffs in that spiel.  Knowing the Silicon Valley mentality of the ownership, just I can’t see them jettisoning a GM who HAS put the team in the playoffs 10 years out of 11 in his tenure.

However, Friedman is hearing that GM Wilson may be “promoted” and a new GM installed.

After the public tiff between Wilson and Thornton, there was a lot of call for Wilson’s head (from outside the organization). Plattner apparently told Jumbo that he would retire a Shark (leaving open the door that Wilson might be the one to go as Thornton has a full No Movement Clause).

In addition, there is a lot of blame being pointed at Wilson, especially by fans.  I have heard from a number of fans very disheartened and upset by this season (and last summer’s lack of move) that are voting with their pocket book and not renewing their season tickets.  (Fans have until the not-yet-scheduled select-a-seat event to get a full refund on their tickets.  So any “renewal” numbers to date are subject to a lot of revision.)

IF ownership decides they’ll stick to the plan outlined last year, I’d peg asst GM Joe Will has the guy who might take over, at least on an interim basis, if for nothing else that he has AHL team he GMs in a playoff slot.

And none of the GMs relieved of their duties to date or previously unemployed seem to fit with the Sharks culture.

And unashamed
She sheds her clothes

There are changes coming in the coaching ranks for the Sharks.

Associate coach Larry Robinson will step from behind the bench to spend more of his time in Florida (or with his family).  As a development coach, he may only be in California for a week or so each month.

As for Todd McLellan, it may be by mutual agreement that he leaves the Sharks bench.  (He’s been rumored as one of the top desired candidates for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres coaching jobs, and a few other teams might fire their guy to hire him, like the Philadelphia Flyers.)  If he leaves, he may take one or both of his assistants (Woodcroft, Johnson) with him.  (Woodcroft is joining him coaching for Hockey Canada in the World Championships.)

I anticipated poor goaltending as neither the coaching (Thomas/Schwab) or goalies were not changed for this season.  With the AHL team moving to California, Schwab (living in Massachusetts) may not want to relocate and be full time on the west coast.   Thomas is 67 (68 in the fall) so might be contemplating retirement.

So, it may be that Johnson stays in San Jose, and is promoted to head coach, hiring a whole new staff.  Or an outside coach is hired (with all new staff).

An inkling of which might happen Wednesday, April 15, when the team gathers for year end meetings and media availability.

More coming.

Update 4/15: No change to GM or coaching staff.  Management (and ownership) still reviewing situation.  4/24 (date McLellan leaves for Prague to coach Hockey Canada @ IIHF World Championships) tentative deadline for decision on coaching. DW did not think team would “step back” so far as to miss playoffs and owned up to that responsibility.

The Summer Knows – intro

The Summer Knows

The summer smiles
The summer knows
And unashamed
She sheds her clothes
The summer smoothes
The restless sky
And lovingly
She warms the sand
On which you lie
The summer knows
The summer’s wise
She sees the doubts
Within your eyes
And so she takes
Her Summertime
Tells the moon to wait
And the sun to linger
Twist the world
Round her summer finger
Lets you see
The wonder of it all
And if you’ve learned
Your lesson well
There’s little more
For her to tell
One last caress
It’s time to dress
For fall…
And if you’ve learned
Your lesson well
There’s little more
For her to tell
One last caress
It’s time to dress
For Fall…
Words by Marilyn and Alan Bergman
Music by Michel Legrand
Benjamin Franklin said “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While I don’t disagree, I will say that change also is certain.
And change will be coming to the San Jose Sharks this season.
Not just because the team could not break through the 90 point barrier and missed the post season. Not just because the team had one of their worst home records ever.
So what will summer teach us?
We already know that Larry Robinson won’t be behind the bench next season (just working as a development coach). But what about the rest of the coaching staff? The general manager?
What players won’t be coming back? What new players will be coming in?  Already Demers, Burish, McGinn, Sheppard, Desjardins, and Kennedy who started the 2014-15 season on the NHL roster, have ended up elsewhere.  And with 33 NHL and AHL contracts expiring, and a handful of drafted prospects that “need” to be signed (or their rights lost), there’s a lot of room for change in the organizational depth chart.
In this series of blog entries, I’ll address a number of areas in turn, looking at the Sharks, the Barracudas, and more.
Check back for more.