150418 – Entry Draft lottery

Saturday, about 5pm, the lottery winner will be revealed.

Based on their record, finishing 22nd, the Sharks have a 5% (1 in 20) chance of winning the lottery.  (83% to stay at 9th; 12% to step back to 10th)

Update: Edmonton wins the lottery.  Sharks retain #9 pick.

Sharks/NHL introduction

San Jose Mercury News

 Puck Daddy chirpin’

Why We Should Pray They Win Lottery: Because San Jose missing the playoffs for only the second time since 1997, and after getting reserve-swept last season by their arch rivals, would make winning the lottery the Sharkiest thing that ever Sharked.

Why We Should Pray They Don’t Win Lottery: We’d eventually like to see him hoist the Cup.

NHL draft lottery drawing (video)

Sharks: Sharks Slotted as Ninth Selection in 2015 Draft