Waivers: Burish — UPDATE

UPDATE: Burish clears waivers and is assigned to AHL Worcester. D Matt Tennyson recalled. (NHL Sharks do cap hit of salary in excess of $925k.)

Adam Burish was put on waivers Saturday.

What does that mean?

The Sharks need a NHL roster spot, most likely for Mike Brown. And Burish was found the most expendable.

My guess is that GM Doug Wilson was unable to find a trade partner to take Burish.  (Getting an asset for a player is almost always preferable to losing him for “nothing”.)

(Sharks nominally don’t comment on situation until after the waiver period has concluded.)

What happens next?

Other NHL teams have until 9am Sunday 11/23 to put in a claim on Burish.  If no team claims him, he can be assigned to AHL Worcester.  If one or more teams put in a claim, the team with the worst record will be the one to get him.

Burish is a servicable forward, has a reasonable contract, and a great attitude.  There are a few teams where his services could be of use (especially with a long list of injuries; I’m looking at you Columbus, Philadelphia).

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