Sharks vs Blues Western Conference Final Game 6 160525

It’s time to #SilenceTheBlues for this season.  Game 6.

Game 5 postgame news/notes

For the Blues, Wednesday night, it’s win or go home. Sharks lead the series 3-2, and a win would advance them to their first Stanley Cup Finals (and win the Clarence S Campbell Bowl as Western Conference champions). It’s the Sharks 100th game this season (regular and post).

The Blues have announced that Elliott will be back in net for game 6.

Sharks need to show their killer instinct and take the Blues out.  Just worry about this game.  (Add all the cliches needed.)

It’s time to #SilenceTheBlues for this season.  Game 6.

Sharks @ Blues Western Conference Final Game 5 160523 postgame

Sharks are now the furthest they have ever been in the postseason, with their 11th win.  (Fifth on the road.)  One more win to advance to the fourth round, and it’ll be hardest yet with the Blues facing elimination.

Game 5 pregame news/notes

The Sharks opened the scoring, the Blues took the lead. The Sharks tied it up and the Blues took the lead again. But then the Sharks poured on the goals, with four unanswered to clinch the win.  The Sharks were 2-3 in power play opportunities and kept the Blues to one goal in three man advantage opportunities.

Got a bit chippy with a couple of fights, with some extra minors handed out.  But the Sharks were, for the most part, playing hard and ignoring the extracurriculars.

Pavelski (2 goals including GWG, 1 assist tonight) and Couture (1 assist tonight) tying league lead for points, etc.  Seem to be setting a new record every game.  Ward had two goals as well.

Jones bounced back from his last bad (half) game, making the saves when he needed to.

Sharks have kept Tarasenko scoreless through the series.

Next up: the Clarence S Campbell Bowl will be in the house Wednesday night.  Game 6 at the Tank.

Sharks @ Blues Western Conference Final Game 5 160523

Series tied 2-2.  Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their team.

Game 4 postgame notes

This post season, the Sharks have bounced back after a horrendous game (i.e., PDSF game 4->5; PDF game 6->7), so the Sharks have it in them to make game 5 a win.  The only Sharks forward who did not have a shot on goal last game was Marleau.

About 80% of teams who win game 5 go on to win series.  Two more wins needed to clinch series.

Backes and Fabri are said to be “game time decisions”; neither participated in morning skate, but sounds like they may go.

Guessing this will be a close game.  But Sharks on top.

Sharks vs Blues Western Conference Final Game 4 160521 postgame

Good last 20 minutes of play, but the first 40 minutes doom Sharks.  Series tied 2-2.

Pregame news/links

Jones gave up 4 before being pulled; Reimer got some ice time in relief (and gave up a goal).  The Sharks vaunted power play let in a SHG and failed to get any pucks past Allen.

The Sharks were down 0-4 after forty minutes and did all their scoring in the last period.  3-6 with the ENG.

The Blues captain Backes played 5:34 in the first and did not play for the rest of the game. In postgame interviews, Hitchcock was coy about why he didn’t play and what his availability for game 5 will be.

But one bad game does not a series make.  Time to put it behind you and focus on the game to be played “today”.

Sharks vs Blues Western Conference Final Game 4 160521

Will the Blues make a series of it by winning Saturday, or will the Sharks take a stranglehold?

Game 3 postgame thoughts

The Blues seem unable to match up against the Sharks.  Coach Hitchcock has made line changes, changed personnel.  Now he’ll try a different goalie.

Special guests for game 4

And if you want to watch the first episode (29 minutes, with all of the 4-letter words kept in) of the All Access Quest for the Cup, following the four remaining teams…

Sharks vs Blues Western Conference Final Game 3 160519 postgame

Sharks demolish the Blues, 3-0. Now lead the series 2-1.

tGame 3 pregame news/notes

Nearly 24 hours later and it’s still hard to sit down and write about the game. It’s like a kid in a candy store and my attention is being pulled in 360 degrees with fun/good things to look at and where does one settle?

So awesome!  Loved the nod to Jo Pawvelski as DJ!

And then there was the game.

The first half of period one were a bit tentative.  But then the Sharks just took over.  Jones stoned the Blues’ shooters, and the Sharks offense got past Elliot.

Jones tying Nabby for ten wins in the post season, and two shutouts.  First Sharks goalie to have back-to-back shutouts.  And the first time the Sharks have ever lead in a Western Conference Final series.

Now on to game 4!

Sharks vs Blues Western Conference Final Game 3 160519

The Sharks-Blues series is tied 1-1.  Sharks will try to take the lead at home.

Game 2 postgame thoughts

The venue changes for two games, now to California.

Some pundits feel the Sharks have outplayed the Blues this series.  One key has been the power play.

There is concern for Thornton after taking a slash to the wrist in the third period of game 2, but little information is available; he did participate in morning skate and plans to play.  No change on Nieto’s availability for game 3 (upper body), but should be available later in series.

Blues are making some lineup changes, but Hitchcock being vague.

Sharks should come out hard, dominate the game and take the 2-1 lead.

Let’s Go Sharks! #SilenceTheBlues